Have now updated the KML file that displays the DTT sites on Google Earth.

If you wish to view the file on a mobile device, it can only be opened from within Google Earth and must also be stored on Google Drive.

  • Open Google Earth on your device
  • Open Menu bar
  • Select Google Drive within the More Maps section
  • Navigate to the KML file located on your Google Drive and click Select

The KML file can be downloaded from here.

On 01 May 2015, the RSM updated the Digital Television (DTT) Usage Table. It can be downloaded from here.

If you're concerned about whether your radio microphones need to be upgraded by March 11th 2015 after watching Fair Go 4/3/15 here's some help.

Check the frequencies they operate on. If above 698 MHz then you are affected.

Contact your supplier. Most of the major bands are represented here and have upgrade/trade-in or reblocking programmes in place.

Even if your radio microphones are compliant you may find that local Digital Television Transmission (DTT or Freeview) is causing interference.

e.g For the following radio microphone brands contact

Lectrosonics www.soundtq.co.nz

Sennheiser www.sennheiser.co.nz

Shure www.nowsound.co.nz

AKG www.jands.co.nz

See the Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) website www.rsm.govt.nz and subscribe to RSM Business Update

The RSM's own webpage for the change-over is here http://www.rsm.govt.nz/projects-auctions/completed/digital-switchover-and-the-digital-dividend/radio-microphones-changes

Read this article about new radio microphone environment in NZ Video News Feb 2015 issue.

Another resource is a pdf showing the sites of each DTT transmitter around New Zealand. It may need to be updated

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Seems the link to the Google Earth view of DTT transmitter sites isn't working as intended so watch this space for a new version when its been debugged.